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"I always believe in the Bright future of Thai Binh" (part 1)

For many years, Thai Binh struggled with creating a prosperous economy. Now, in the dawn of the post-Covid era, the region plans for further development via the 'Thai Binh Economic Zone.' Ngo Dong Hai, member of the Party Central Committee and secretary of the Thai Binh Provincial Party Committee, spoke with the Vietnam Times about the province's future goals.

To choose the right paths to develop, one needs to start with finding out existing limitations. What are the limitations of Thai Binh economy?

Thai Binh is a coastal province, in the Red River delta, located in the area of ​​the economic growth triangle of Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh.

However, compared to neighboring provinces and in the region, Thai Binh has an unsynchronized socio-economic infrastructure system, especially transport infrastructure. Thai Binh's economy is small, from a low starting point, with low efficiency and competitiveness.

Per capita income is still low compared to the region and the country. Agriculture has not yet developed commensurate with the potentials and advantages of the province.

The province's industry has seen a positive development. However, most of the production facilities are still small and medium-sized, mainly outsourcing and manufacturing ordinary products.

Service development is slow, without attractive and sustainable modern services.

What pressures does this situation have on provincial leaders?

Facing that situation, the twentieth congress of the Thai Binh Provincial Party has set a target for the term 2020-2025. The goal is to quickly turn Thai Binh into a well-developed province, laying the foundation to catch up with the leading group in the Red River region by 2030.

Many strategic objectives and tasks with a long-term vision, suitable to the province's characteristics and potentials, were decided by Congress.

One of the goals is to strengthen the restructuring of the economy and manufacturing industries. The province restructures the agricultural sector in the direction of improving efficiency and added value, applying high technology, focusing on the value chain, and building brands for local agricultural products.

The province also restructured industries, encouraged the development of processing industries, industries serving agriculture, gas and wind power.

Thai Binh strengthens investment in the construction of socio-economic infrastructure, especially transport infrastructure, major investment projects with important impacts, contributing to the development of the province.

The Standing Committee of Thai Binh Provincial Party Committee has proposed a feasible development roadmap for the term and the following years.

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